BOSCH Virtual Visor

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the LCD sun visor

No more sufferings from sun rays while driving

A German company, BOSCH introduces a High tech sun visor named as BOSCH Virtual Visor.

Anyone who drives a car experiences the inconvenience of driving due to the sunlight. Vehicle companies provide built-in sun visor as a solution. But these sun visors block the front view screen. Therefore the driver faces another problem. So the BOSCH Company viewed this problem in a different angle and they innovated an AI-powered LCD transparent sun visor.

Actually this sun visor isn’t completely transparent but up to 50% transparent. This reduces the obstruction to the front view screen when using the sun visor.

The technology used here is as follows: It incorporates a camera powered by AI technology. The camera detects the area of sun rays which are setting on driver’s eye and then the LCD sun visor blocks those sun rays by reducing

BOSCH Virtual Visor 1
the LCD sun visor
The LCD sun visor

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